TAQ Registered Design Toolheads

TAQ TOOLHEADS are extensively used in the Sugar Industry for the descaling of evaporator tubes. The basic toolhead is the TAQ and when fitted with a combined eyelet brush as illustrated above, is known as TAQB.

Another variation is the fitting of a WBA brush to give a combined descaling & burnishing action in a single operation, that toolhead is known as a TAQBB.

All of the above toolheadsare designed for cleaning tubes from 1.1/4″ to 2″ I/D. 

When ordering please state the type of TAQ required and the clean inside diameter of the tubes to be cleaned.

Please examine this exploded drawing and note the special TAQ design features which allows the QUICK replacement of all spare parts without the need for skilled fitters! Spares are interchangeable with the old TA,ET,TE and E pattern tools.